Laure Cazade
Laure Cazade

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Laure Cazade and I'm from the South-West of France. I love observing things, nature and moments. It's this characteristic, I think, that led me to develop a passion for drawing from an early age.

My paintings are cheerful, full of life and colour. I like to paint everything: portraits, landscapes, still lifes... Life, a look, moments, light, all those fascinating colours... I savour every moment when I paint a picture. Every detail is considered and sublimated, and it's this combination of subtleties that gives my paintings their unique look.

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Painting with pastels is a unique sensory experience , a dance with colours. Each stroke of the pastel is an exploration of the infinity of nuances, where hues blend and intertwine to create landscapes and portraits vibrant with life.

In my studio, creativity with pastel allows me to express myself fully, capturing the essence of my subjects with emotional precision. The possibilities seem endless, each work becoming an artistic adventure in itself.

What's more, I make my own frames, each piece carefully crafted to perfectly complement the painting it will frame. Every detail, from the dimensions to the colour, is meticulously thought through to create a perfect harmony between the work and its environment.